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Our expert Clinical Dental Technicians work together in the laboratory AND clinic to ensure optimum comfort, aesthetics, fit and function for all our denture patients. There’s a huge difference between seeing a Dentist and a Clinical Dental technician! When you go to the dentist, he/she will take the mould and measurements of your mouth and then send them to a laboratory. In this Laboratory your dentures are made by a Technician who has never seen you.

This causes problems and difficulties as the technician predicts the mould, shape, size and sometimes even the colour of your teeth! once finished he sends the dentures back to the Dentist and the Dentist fits them without any practice or experience in denture construction as they are clinicians NOT technicians. Here at Pioneer Denture Clinic, we have a professional Clinical Dental Technician who can perform both clinical AND technical/Laboratory duties so he will take the mould/measurements of your mouth personally and start constructing your dentures in our brand-new on-site Laboratory!

We have specialized in denture construction for many years and have mass amounts of knowledge behind the latest clinical AND laboratory techniques/materials therefore the results we have achieved with our patients have been astonishing!


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